In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Julio Pereira, a talented Venezuelan/Spanish actor, and painter recognized for his outstanding participation in iconic soap operas such as “Abigaíl” and “Señora”.

Together we explore his artistic career, from his beginnings in Venezuela to his foray into the Spanish art scene.

During our conversation, we delved into topics such as:

– His Path as an actor: From his first steps in Venezuelan television to his experience in the Spanish artistic scene.

– His Passion for Painting: The expression of his creativity through his works, presented in galleries in Venezuela and Spain.

– Reflections on Art: We discuss the importance of enjoying abstract art, beyond understanding it or not; let yourself be carried away by what you like. I invite you to dive into this enriching talk, exploring the beauty of art and performance and reflecting on the freedom to enjoy abstract art.

It is not a matter of understanding it, but of feeling it and delighting in it. Don’t miss it!

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