Well yes, today is the day, I have finally decided to do it and here it is …


Do you wonder why now? and I wonder why not?


The creation of my website https://ferrocrearte.com/ a year ago it was the most important exhibition of my works up to that moment because I opened the world to my art. Speaking of the world and speaking of art, my performances and outdoor murals cannot be missed.

Beginning the fall and ending the summer, my works stayed on a visit at the Spazo gallery in A Coruña, where in addition to a great exhibition the memories of wonderful people remained in my memory.

Having several exhibitions at the same time seems complicated but that’s how I ended the year:

The restaurant “Las Tapas De Jose” in Vigo

The hotel “Marquis” in Granada

The”Capela do Hospital” in Pontevedra 






At Expometro in London

Starting in 2020 we start easy with many other exhibitions at the same time:

The hotel “El Privilegio de Tena”

The restaurant “El Barco” in Granada


The hotel “Casa Palacio María Luisa” in Cádiz

VIgo’s Circle of Entrepreneurs








Completed a few days ago spectacular was the Milan exhibition at the MADS MIlano art gallery







Finally, if you want to see any of my exhibitions live, you can do it from home at
http://www.mundoarti.com/museo/ where Campa looks at ease

or go to the hotel “Oca” in Santiago de Compostela to observe Querencia

Have you seen some, what did you think?

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