It is said that many artists are bohemian just because they are artists. They call us crazy, weird, different, but I wonder … who is crazy and what is being crazy ?. It may be that in this world of stress, haste, anxieties, problems and worries we are the ones who are most sane.

Being an artist is a way of life, a form of expression, a way of feeling, of seeing the world and being consistent with what you think.

Being free, and living according to what I feel and think, is my life. I occupy my time in what makes me happy, there can be no other definition of happiness.

It is thanks to this madness, that one day I decide to get up and travel 1000 km to reinforce my way of life with one of the most important artists of today. Thus began my friendship with Ripollés, any day.

He receives me at his house in Castellón with a wide smile. We spend hours talking, which seem like minutes, he shows me his latest works and I share mine with him. Who knows his vital way, knows that he is a person who is always creating, few things resist him because his restless nature helps him to always be looking for and innovating.

Ripollés transmits tranquility, enthusiasm, strength, motivation and desire to live and that is what life is based on, meeting people and gaining experiences that help you grow.

The latter is just what summarizes my last visit to this life teacher. My last work “Ripo 514” was created just after visiting it and I have dedicated it with enthusiasm.

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