New technologies allow us to enjoy art exhibitions without having to travel to the place where they are, not only can we see them without being in the gallery but we can also enjoy them always because everything that is online lasts forever.

The Holy Art gallery is located in the city of London, where my works have been exhibited during the past months of December 2021 and February 2022. The gallery’s treatment with the artists is unbeatable and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

If you pass through the city and have the opportunity to attend one of its exhibitions, I encourage you to do so and if not, you always have the option of getting to know the gallery through its social networks as well as through its YouTube channel. where you will be able to see the great number of exhibitions that they carry out as well as their quality.

Fragmented” has been the exhibition with which The Holy Art said goodbye last 2021, I share the 360º video where you can see it. In it my works “Paradigma”, “Lírica” and “Endogeno” won the 2nd prize.


I also share the 360º video of the exhibition “Semiotics & Beyond” where “Solipsism” and “Vendergood” shared a gallery with the works of other magnificent artists.

I wish you like it as much as I do.

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