Thanks to all who have supported my work and can enjoy it for being yours has inspired me to create this first entry in my blog. Ferró would not exist without that recognition and that is why this text is for all my followers, for all my buyers and for all my works.

Sol azul” was created in the year 99 and first exhibited in 2014. I represent distant feelings in this work.

Asia” which means in Greek “the rise of the sun” represents the grandeur of galaxies and therefore the tinyness of being. With the sale of this work, one of my favorite pieces went away, which produced a small sadness and immense joy.

Febrero” was born on June 21, 2018 due to the need to highlight one part of another of my works, my novel “Tiempos anaranjados“. I created it because of the need to express, as in all my works, a deep feeling.

«Febrero» will always be linked to my first literary work «Tiempos Anaranjados».

All my works are important to me and “Distópica” is special. «Distópica« comes to the world with the need to deny utopias and empire of rebellion.

Aferente” has been created with great tranquility, in a moment of calm and almost absolute peace. It is a work that is born after a nervous impulse, which suddenly appeared in my thoughts.

«Touché» was born with the need to defend itself with the word at certain moments in life.

«Vesarte» was created under the idea that a work is itinerant and can be seen everywhere.

Tribu de ficción” when I believed it I felt it was never mine … now belongs to everyone.

Ucronía” has two phases and I finished it years later to start it. In this work I express my need to reconstruct my story. The part that I didn’t remember.

«Simpliciter» was born to stay. My passion now belongs to others, because its simplicity is shared, although I am still here.

«Ferró» was born at a time in my life when I started a change of style.

Egregio” means an important, outstanding fact. This work was born with a change and with its creation I felt a before and after. “Egregio” will always show his nakedness, but in a Sunday suit.

«Nexo» represents the union of my previous style and my current style. It is one of my last works sold just a couple of weeks ago.

This is only part of Ferró’s works scattered around the world making people who possess them feel and get excited. There are many other images of works sold as «Simbiosis«, «Loca«, «Los martes al sol«, «Islero«, «Careta«, «Julia«,etc. With each one I have left a part of my deepest feelings and what it represents for me to exist and I continue to do it every day.

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