As an artist I feel the need to create and I always try to surprise with each of my works.

One of the supports to capture what I feel are the vespas. The wide surface that they have on which I can work, the curves, the small details, the sensuality that it possesses make this vehicle a wonderful canvas.

What is my best-known work on Vespa so far, Victoria 13, has taken me many hours of intense work. Work that I have carried out overflowing with passion and that has obtained a great reward, since this work has attracted the attention of the company that has manufactured it Piaggio and as a result of a common interest, it can now be seen in the museum of the brand that is located in the town of Pontedera in Italy.

And although it has not yet been officially presented, it already has its assigned place in the museum.

Where it has come out is in the Spanish press, to which I would like to give special thanks to Faro de Vigo for giving me an honorable interview and dedicating the front page of their important newspaper to me.

Here I leave the links so that you can read the interview and the photos that have been taken of me at the Motobrave official Vespa dealership facilities in Galicia, to which I thank the exquisite treatment and the beautiful collaboration we have.



I also want to extend my thanks to Radio Galega for the interview they gave me last April when Victoria 13 was preparing to travel to the museum.

With this work I have learned a lot and I am very grateful for it because the effort and work done have served as a springboard to create my second work on Vespa Pontedera 1946.

My intention is to contribute my vision to make a better world.

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