A question that haunts my mind is if we artists are born or if we make ourselves over time.

I have been an artist since I was born.

My way of seeing the world I express as I feel, with my creations and I have been doing it since I learned to use my hands.

Also and as can be seen in my works, there has been an evolution as happens in many artists.

This is the first work that comes out of my mind when I was 9 years old…

obra angel


This image is that of the first artistic illusions of a child, the same one that I maintain today and that has not diminished in me, quite the opposite.

This is my last work…

Victoria 13, Más y Rico

What happened between this first work and this last one?

Well all this…

Hours and hours of work, experimentation, failures, successes, difficulties, thoughts, observing my inner world and also the world around me and more hours of work to reach the level of expressiveness that I currently have.

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