foto ferro

When I was 9 years old, a teacher told us in class to draw what we wanted. That day of free drawing I thought to paint with many colors an abstract expression that was exactly what I liked and made me very proud of my drawing, I presented it to the teacher who broke it into as many pieces as she could while I was, expectantly, I heard that folio breaking, feeling as if I broke myself into a thousand pieces. That act changed my life forever.

From that moment I was not able to express myself again with the painting until many years later. Everything I did was timidly and exclusively for me because I was afraid of the idea of ​​a new rejection of my way of expressing myself.

In recent years I have painted with colors on canvases, Vespas and mannequins, I have squeezed irons and handled everything that gives me game to express what I feel.

After a long time hidden and thanks to a change in my life that has given me the push and strength I needed to realize that this is my way of expressing myself now I feel that I am prepared to expose and share my art with the world.

Dear teacher, that day you damaged a child, you may have also damaged an artist, but I do not blame you, I do not keep you nor a hint of resentment. It is possible that you yourself have suffered more than me. That act could be due to a moment of confusion, lack of culture or any other type that I will never know.

But that moment really marked my life also in a positive and it was perhaps more important than what I have believed. Your action was not to harm, even if it did, it was possibly for the opposite, I suppose to try to “straighten” the direction of that child. Today, finally I can, I am able to thank you and I am even the one who asks for your forgiveness.

That day they shattered your drawing and also broke you a little inside. But that’s it, it helped you grow, you’re here again.

Love allways wins.

“Angel” is current, although in reality it is the one that has more time. He was born there, on any given day, born of a 9-year-old boy and returned a little later. You will never leave, those who wanted to tear you apart will leave … who wins?